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Frozen; colour palette (insp)

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Happy 35th Birthday James Andrew McAvoy ; 21st April 1979
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I am not your enemy, your enemy is beside you. Your enemy steals and murders your children. Your enemy has nothing for you but chains and suffering, and commands. I do not bring you commands. I bring you a choice. And I bring your enemies what they deserve.”

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Frozen 2

Tenzin, sorry…I got a little sidetracked on my way to see you.

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The Legend Of Korra + Blue

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Stargate SG1 S6xE12 - Unnatural Selection 

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the saddest feeling ever is when you finish a show because you watched all of the episodes too quickly and you just want to stay inside that world for a little bit longer, but you can’t 

"I had another airbender visit my library long ago.." - inspired by x

I was half ready for Rick to actually say this.

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